Monday, January 27, 2014

Ugly Pie

We have started reading the Goldfinch Awards books in K-2. One of the books is Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler. I love cooking, so I thought it'd be fun to make some ugly pies. There is a recipe in the back of the book, and I thought about making that, but I looked on and found an idea that had each students build their own pie. I decided to do that, because then each child could pick what they wanted in their "pie" and what order they put things in, and then everyone's recipes would be somewhat different.

I created a recipe template for them to use to record their recipe.

While they were working, I gave them the word list for words they'd need on their recipe card. The ingredients we separated by commas, and the steps we wrote in full sentences.

I gave kids their ingredients, and let them create however they wanted. They didn't have to use all of the ingredients if they didn't want to. The kids loved getting to "cook" in the library. I heard many say that it was their favorite day all year. After creating their pie, then they filled out their cards, and then they could eat!

I just love days where I get to do so many of my favorite things with my favorite kids!

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